For the past several months our team has been working on Johnny Jetstream, an exciting project which brings together the comic adventure and scrolling shooter. It’s a hybrid between two contrasting genre’s. Shoot-em-up’s have always been accused of having all action, but no heart and story. Adventure games have always been praised for storytelling and style, but have little ‘action’ worth replaying.

Johnny Jetstream is a scrolling shooter, with the heart of a comic adventure. Our game takes place in 2330. The hero of the game, Johnny, is a 13-year old wizkid, and son of famous scientists, John and Jenna Jetstream. After the kidnapping of the Jetstreams by Dr. Neutron (the world’s last arms dealer), Johnny and his robot side-kick Zed jump into an experimental jet built by his father and chase Neutrons henchmen in an attempt to save Johnny’s parents. Soon Johnny and Zed are involved in a much greater conflict, and have the tremendous task of not only saving his parents, but also stopping Neutron’s vast robotic armada that is about to attack the United Continents.

We just finished pre-production on Johnny Jetstream a few days ago and, with pre-production completed, submitted the plans for our game to the Dutch Gamefund. Hopefully they will be just as enthusiastic about Johnny Jetstream as we are and help us take this game concept to new heights!

In the mean time you can enjoy the first issue of our comic “the indies” which take a (humorous) look at how things all got started for us…